The latest Jellied Eel magazine

The latest edition (November-January 2016) of London Food Link's Jellied Eel, the magazine for ethical eating in the capital, is out now.

Features include....

  • Mexican food revolution
  • Crowdfund for success
  • Tom Hunt's recipes from your winter veg box
  • Urban Food Awards winners
  • To Market: Crystal Place
  • The Eel Loves...Finsbury Park
  • Save our meals on wheels
  • Capital Growth seasonal planting guide

Though we at Sustain promote our work as being about food, it’s as much about people. After all, plants, animals and so on only become food when there’s someone to eat them.

This is particularly true of our London Food Link network, which works to join the dots between the capital’s food growers, producers, cooks, peddlers and diners - ie all of us. Our drive is to find, share and champion ways in which this all can be done in ways that are better for people, animals and planet.

With The Day of the Dead falling just as the ink is drying on this issue, we meet some of the people steering London’s Mexican menu away from Texmex tacos and tequila slammers.  With our interest in food being at the centre of communities of people, we have a look at crowdfunding as a way of getting good food projects and enterprises off the ground.

Speaking of enterprise, there’s a tuckshop takeover going on in certain schools, where budding entrepreneurs are learning that money does grow on the trees and bushes of their food gardens. On a more serious note, we shed light on how certain councils are cutting the meals on wheels services that not only offer some older people a hot lunch, but also play a vital role in reducing isolation.

And while we’re waiting to find enough reasons for The ‘Eel to love Penge, we head up the hill to Crystal Palace for a taste of what’s going on there.

The Jellied Eel magazine is posted to paid-up London Food Link supporters once every three months. It is also available from around 150 stockists across the capital.


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