Protecting food growing sites

Dive into our resources to learn how to use planning designations and other ways to protect your growing space, created in collaboration with CPRE London. Learn how to raise the profile and save your food growing space from development.

In an ever-developing city, how can we protect our community food growing spaces? What rights do we have? How can we protect the future work of our sites? And what can we do when our site is already under threat?  

We created two guides and a webinar to support you to build in greater protection for your site.

In the webinar, we chatted with CPRE London Campaigns Officer, John Sadler, Sustain’s Planning Adviser, Gillian Morgan, and Chair of St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum, Henry Peterson. They explained what protective designations are, different ones that exist and how they can apply to food growing sites.

Protecting food growing spaces: two new guides launched in October 2023

The first guide, Protecting a food growing site for the future, focuses on the preventative measures you can take. It covers two main ways you can protect your food growing space:

  • Designate it as a protected area
  • Monitor threats

Download our guide on protecting a food growing site for the future here

The second guide, Saving a food growing site that is under threat, helps communities respond if they are already at risk of losing access to their food growing site, due to a planning application being submitted for the land. It provides a range of actions that fall under two categories:

  • Planning & legal
  • Political campaigning

Download our guide on saving a food growing site that is under threat

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