The Harvest-ometer

Capital Growth's Harvest-ometer is a simple online tool to help growers keep track of how much food they grow, how much money they save and how much CO2 they save

Available to all Capital Growth members for free, the Harvest-ometer stores your harvest yield data online, and then converts it into a monetary value and meal value based on weight. It also produces graphs that are perfect for motivating volunteers and pupils, engaging local stakeholders or showcasing your work to funders!

How much is London growing?

Back in 2013 when we launched the Harvest-ometer tool, over 189 growing spaces grew enough food through two growing seasons to contribute to 502,000 meals, weighing over 40 tonnes and valued at £288k. We also found

  • an estimated £2.4m of food is being grown each year across our network
  • salads, squash, courgettes and potatoes are the most popular crops being grown in London
  • the average yield per square metre is justt less than £3.50 per square meter

Read the Reaping Rewards II report for full information about what's growing in the capital.

How much C02 are we saving?

In July 2022 we extended the functionality of the tool to calculate how much C02 our member gardens are saving.

Gardens can now get an estimate of how much carbon they're saving by growing their own compared to buying the same produce from the supermarket.

A big thanks to our friends at Sow the City who provided us with estimates for the amount of carbon saved per unit weight of produce compared to the carbon footprint from buying the same produce from a supermarket.

How do I get involved?

If you are growing food at home, on an allotment, at school or at a farm or community project: 

  • Sign up through our members area
  • Grow some food
  • Tell us what you grow on the Harvest-ometer

If you are not already a member of Capital Growth, you can join for free.

Start using it today by logging into the members area or joining Capital Growth

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